Manhattan Pain Medicine

Manhattan Pain Medicine

Manhattan Pain Medicine is a multi-specialty practice offering comprehensive individualized care for any and all causes of pain.

We have board-certified providers for:

We diagnose and treat complex conditions such as neck and back injuries, sciatica, headaches, arthritis, and sports injuries with careful consideration and innovation.  Read more about the conditions we treat.

We also specialize in treating those on high doses of opioid pain medications who continue to have pain.  We are expertly trained to wean opioids comfortably and safely, and also offer Suboxone® to facilitate this process.

Treatment style

This is not a typical doctor’s office.  We provide focused care at the highest level.  Patients have direct access to the doctor by email and telephone.  Appointments typically start on time.

The goal of the initial evaluation is to determine the exact reason(s) behind the pain or functional impairment. Our treatments aim to fix the source of the problem, promote healing, and restore quality of life.


Dr. Siefferman, Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU School of Medicine, offers a uniquely broad range of treatment options. He is trained in physical rehabilitation and interventional pain management, and incorporates a holistic approach.

Dr. Walker-McCarter specializes in Sports Medicine and provides complete care for the athlete, including pre-participation physicals, injury prevention and treatment for all sports-related ailments.  She is also board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and treats pain and disability arising from muscle, nerve, bone and joint dysfunction.

Treatment may include conventional medical management, physical therapy, targeted injections, nerve blocks, botulinum toxin (Botox ®), Suboxone ®, alternative medicine, and/or other modalities. We also provide a range of regenerative treatments including prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma, and stem cells.  Treatment may be offered in our office, a procedural suite, or surgical center. Read more.

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