Manhattan Pain Medicine is a multi-specialty practice offering comprehensive individual care.

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Doctors & Staff

Jason W. Siefferman, MD

W. Siefferman, MD

Physical Medicine and
Interventional Pain Medicine

Fairen Walker-McCarter, MD

Walker-McCarter, MD

Pain Management,
Sports Medicine

Kira Charles



Story of the Rainbow Crow

Feather symbol

The story of the Rainbow Crow was told by the Lenape Tribe, the same tribe that named this island “Manhattan.” The story depicts how the common crow was once a colorful bird with a pleasant song. To save the earth’s animals from deathly snowfall, the crow flew for three days carrying a fiery torch in his beak. The fire saved the animals but burned the crow’s feathers and made his voice hoarse. Pain and sacrifice transformed the crow into the black, squawking bird it is today, but folklore art gives us images of an animal with beautiful, vibrant wings.

Rainbow Crow earned the compassion and respect of his peers, and it’s this same compassion and respect that is at the heart of Manhattan Pain Medicine. We see the person beneath the pain. We treat the individual, not the symptoms. Our patients have come to expect longer visits than they would experience with other clinics because consultations are handled with consideration and care. Expertise and advanced technology aren’t enough if patients don’t feel valued. In everything we do, we are compassionate. We know that the best medicine treats the whole being.