Prolotherapy - short for Proliferation Therapy - stimulates proliferation, or growth, of fibroblasts and increases collagen production. As a form of regenerative medicine, it has been shown to reduce pain and heal joint and soft tissue injuries.

The most commonly used prolotherapy is dextrose, or sugar. Dextrose is a large molecule, and as such it drives water across membranes and irritates tissues. This irritation triggers the body's healing response to repair the area. This causes initial irritation and increased pain (usually mild) for 2-4 days which is usually manageable with ice and acetaminophen. Then, over the following 4-6 weeks, the strength and tissue organization within the treated structure improves. Typically 2-3 injections are required, and these are spaced 2-4 weeks apart to maintain the healing momentum. We use 12.5%-25% dextrose depending on the target and treatment goal.

Ankle Sprains, Knee arthritis, whiplash injuries, wrist sprains, and shoulder injuries (including dislocations) are some of the most commonly treated areas. Nearly all injections are performed with ultrasound guidance.

When not covered by insurance, prolotherapy injection visits are $350.