We help patients choose the course of medical treatment that makes the most sense, When you feel ready to try to a Suboxone regimen, we will provide medical guidance and behavioral support.

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Suboxone ® or Zubsolv ® (buprenorphine/naloxone) Therapy

Suboxone ® or Zubsolv ® therapy may be helpful for patients on pain medications who are experiencing opioid dependence, either from addiction or chronic pain.

Because this drug attaches strongly to the opioid receptors but only weakly activates them, it

  1. Stops cravings
  2. Prevents withdrawal symptoms
  3. Facilitates opioid weaning
  • Many patients find Suboxone ® to be helpful for discontinuing prescription opioid use.
  • The combination of buprenorphine with naloxone prevents misuse and abuse.

Suboxone ® is started after a brief period of mild withdrawal (about 1 day) from another opioid. A small dose is given, and additional doses are given until the withdrawal symptoms stop. Patients are followed very closely during this period.

Suboxone ® prescription is closely monitored, and each doctor is only allowed to treat a small group of patients. Urine drug screening is performed routinely.

For our Suboxone ® treatment agreement, please see: Suboxone ® Agreement